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               2013 Knoxville Trophies and Awards/Joy620 Players of the game.
                            Fulton:                 Josh Singleton
                            CAK:                     Andrew Cox
                            Karns:                   Ty'shawn Gardin
                            Central:                Hagan Owenby
                            Anderson Co:        Dalton Long
                            Clinton:                 Ty'shawn Gardin
                            Halls:                     Connor Sepesi
                            Oak Ridge:            Marcus Weaver
    Gibbs: Tamarius Hunt
    Campbell Co: Ty'shawn Gardin

               2012 Knoxville Trophies and Awards/Joy620 Players of the game.
                            Rhea Co:               Shar'ron Moore
                            Austin East:          Montario Washington          
                            Halls:                    Ty'shawn Gardin
                            Oak Ridge:            Hagen Owenby
                            Anderson Co:        Hagen Owenby
                            Karns:                   Michael Brown and Jacob Bezark
                            Hardin Valley:       Marcus Weaver
                            Clinton:                Montario Washington
                            Campbell Co:        Devin Scott
                            Central:                Devin Scott 
                            Central Playoff:    Hagen Owenby
                            West:                    Devin Scott
                            Tennessee High:   Jon Strozyk
                            Columbia Central: Devin Scott

            2011 Knoxville Trophies and Awards/Joy620 Players of the game.
                            Rhea Co:               Dy'shawn Mobley
                            Austin East:          Hagan Owenby
                            Halls:                    Dy'shawn Mobley
                            Oak Ridge:            Darian Logan
                            Anderson Co:        Jonathan Staggs
                            Karns:                   Jonathan Strozyk  
                            Hardin Valley:       Dustin McPhetridge 
                            Clinton:                 Montario Washington
                            Cambell Co:           Landon Wright
                            Central:                 Dy'shawn Mobley
                            Anderson Co:        Dy'shawn Mobley
                            Ooltewah:             Dy'shawn Mobley
                            Lenoir City:           Nick Hammond   
                            Knoxville West:     Brady WIlliams             

            2010 Knoxville Trophies & Awards/ JOY620 Players of the game

     South Doyle:         Jonathan Strozyk
                             Fulton:                  Austin Benson/Dy'shawn Mobley
                             Halls:                     Darian Logan                             
                             Oak Ridge:             Steven Ross
                             Anderson Co:         Nick Webb
                             Karns:                    Jeremiah Catlett
                             Hardin Valley:        Dy'shawn Mobley
                             Clinton:                  Dustin McPhetridge
                             Campbell Co:          Justin Wood
                             Central:                  Matt Meade
                             Morristown East:    Dustin McPhetridge

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